Betinha Weber

Goal Mapping Certified Coach

“I help individuals that want more clarity to discovery and achieve their goals.”

Personal Development

Roberta is a Goal Mapping Certified Coach that helps people to find their purpose, have more clarity and design their map to achieve their goals in life. Her experience living in 5 different countries allowed her to understand how to adapt, how to break habits, draw action plans and making changes to start again and stayed focused on her goals abroad. Roberta offers private and group sessions as well as a complete 4h workshop through a complete programme.


English, Spanish, Portuguese

Qualitications, Specialisations & Experience

Goal Mapping Certified Coach

Years of Experience

5+ years of experience


Lack of Awareness, Lack of Balance, Life without purpose, Lack of focus, Pessimistic.


Those that are searching for more clarity about their goals and how to achieve them through Goal Mapping System.

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Betinha Weber