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Rehab for after orthopaedic surgery - in Winchester
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Physical Health
About this service

I take a holistic approach which involves taking time to listen to you, your goals and your concerns, and looking at your body and life as a whole.  I will treat the presenting problem as well as looking at the foundations of your posture, movement, core strength and breathing patterns that may be contributing to the problem you are experiencing.  My treatment approach includes education on your problem/condition and your body, manual therapies and exercise therapy using the Pilates method.  See below for more information on Pilates.

If you think I could help, please get in touch.

Once you’ve contacted me I’ll send you registration forms by email, or follow up with a phone call if you’d like to chat before completing forms. 

I’ll review your forms and contact you to find a suitable time for an appointment.


My garden room clinic is in Compton, near Winchester.  Street parking is available, and a short walk to the clinic.


My clinic times include:

Mondays 9.30 am - 2.30 pm

Tuesdays 9.30 am – 2.30 pm

Wednesdays 9.30 – 2.30 pm


How much?

A 60 minute initial assessment of a new injury. This normally includes some treatment but may not depending on the complexity of your problem. £70

A 45 minute review: to assess your progress and provide ongoing treatment and rehab progression. £50

A 60 minute review: Longer review session for more complex symptoms or when you would like help with more than one problem. £65

Home visit: If you are unable to attend the clinic following surgery or due to mobility issues, a home visit may be more convenient. Standard home visit appointments are 60 minutes but include travel time from clinic to your home address. If you would like a longer appointment please contact us to arrange. £65 plus travel time

Cancellation Policy

48 hours cancellation / rescheduling policy.


Compton, - Winchester - - United Kingdom -


My garden room clinic is in Compton, near Winchester. Street parking is available, and a short walk to the clinic.

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Simply Thrive Physio and PilatesOutpatient Physio and Pilates Instructor - spinal and pelvic health

“I equip people suffering with pain or injury to manage and know how to progress their rehab”

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