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2 hours Cyclic Meditation: The Road to Mindful Serenity [In person]
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Healing & Emotional Release Anxiety & Stress Management Balance & Relaxation
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*Comprehensive understanding of cyclic meditation principles. *Live demonstration by an experienced meditation instructor. *Guided hands-on practice sessions. *Q&A and interactive discussions. *A supportive learning environment. *Access to downloadable course materials.


Stress Reduction: CM is known to be effective in reducing stress levels. Regular practice can help individuals manage and cope with the stresses of daily life, promoting emotional well-being. Enhanced Concentration: CM practices can improve concentration and focus. This can be especially beneficial for students, professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their cognitive abilities. Improved Mental Clarity: CM is believed to enhance mental clarity and cognitive function. It can help individuals think more clearly and make decisions with greater confidence. Emotional Balance: Regular CM practice is associated with emotional stability. It can help individuals better manage their emotions, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Better Sleep: Some practitioners report improved sleep quality after incorporating CM into their routine. The relaxation techniques and calming effects of CM can promote better sleep patterns. Enhanced Self-Awareness: CM encourages self-awareness and self-reflection. It can help individuals gain insights into their thought patterns, behavior, and overall well-being. Physical Benefits: While CM primarily focuses on mental and emotional well-being, the relaxation and mindfulness practices may also have positive effects on physical health, including improved flexibility and reduced muscle tension.


1. Comprehensive Learning Experience: -The workshop offers a well-structured and comprehensive learning experience that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of cyclic meditation. -Participants will gain a deep understanding of the philosophy behind cyclic meditation and will have the opportunity to practice guided meditation techniques. 2. Expert Guidance: -Participants will benefit from the expertise of an experienced meditation instructor who will lead the live demonstration and guided practice sessions. This guidance ensures that participants receive personalized instruction and support in their meditation journey. 3. Practical Application: -The workshop doesn't stop at theory; it emphasizes practical application. Participants will have the chance to engage in hands-on practice, allowing them to experience the benefits of cyclic meditation firsthand. This practical aspect equips participants with valuable tools they can integrate into their daily lives for improved mindfulness and inner peace.

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100% refund for cancellation up to 24 hours before the service start date. Refunds will be processed within 15 days.



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