Serena Sabala

Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Teacher

“NOW is the time to #maketheshift to your most happy, healthy and balanced self!”

I am a Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Teacher. I have studied the subjects of wellness and nutrition for over ten years and have a unique holistic approach to health. Together with my husband Eugene, I run Whole Shift Wellness: we have 20+ years of combined experience transforming the wellbeing of 500+ professionals across 5 countries. By working with us, you will become strong, fit, healthy, and satisfied, and will have a greater impact in all you do. Rebalance Your Hormones with Nutrition and Lifestyle in 3-12 months with our fun, easy, and effective proven method; you will look and feel amazing from the inside out.


Years of Experience

5+ years of experience


Hormonal balance, menopause



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Serena Sabala