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Experience Holistic Healing with Carolyn Wade: From Trauma to Tranquility

“I support busy professionals in decoding pain for better sleep, mobility, and peace.”

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Carolyn Wade is a holistic SELF-CARE Thearpist that specializes in decoding body pain and tranforming low-frequency thoughts, beliefs and traumas. With over 12 years experience as a Self-Care practitioner, facilitator, mum and mentor. She offers individual sessions and group workshops, both in person and on Zoom, utilising a fusion of modalities focused on releasing negativity, enhancing relaxation, reprogramming the subconscious, and promoting physcial and emotional healing. Carolyn teaches her clients to calm their mind and tune into their hearts, helping them listen to their bodies.


English, Italian

Years of Experience

5+ years of experience


Emotional blockages, Insomnia, Low self-esteem, PTSD, Chronic pain conditions, Relationship difficulties, Emotional trauma, Burnout, work-related stress, Grief, Healing after surgery or medical procedures, Enhancing well-being & resilience


A busy professional seeking holistic solutions to decode stress-related body pain, aiming for deeper sleep, enhanced mobility, and resilience. Motivated to explore breath work, goal mapping, and energy alignment for comprehensive well-being

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Carolyn Wade