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To make health, healing and higher consciousness more accessible through a global community of practitioners offering holistic health and wellness educational content, events, alternative therapies, and retreats.

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“I joined Wowness Club when they first launched in 2023. I must say, the platform was raw and had many bugs, but they kept asking for feedback, improving month after month and giving continuous support when needed. I am very happy with the new updates and features. Other than that, I am very excited for the community collaboration opportunities to promote us.”
Health Practitioner
“As an established professional working 10+ years in the wellness industry, I have been approached by similar companies in the past. I had never felt like joining them because I already have enough referrals. However, I really connected with Wowness Club mission, the community they are building and their willingness to serve both the providers and the clients.”
Health Practitioner
“I consider myself a Seeker for many years. I have always been very curious about trying new things that optimise health in all dimensions. I decided to join a mini retreat experience including transformational breathwork advertised at Wowness Club. It was an interesting and surprisingly deep experience only through the breath. The event in itself was well organised and I enjoyed the community vibes and vegan food.”